Mikey’s Screen Printing Pricing

Would you like to know how much our screen printing pricing is? See the pricing chart below! If you are printing on a dark shirt and want an opaque image, add one color for an under base. Here at Mikey Designs we use plastisol inks. If you are looking for a soft hand feel, we would suggest going with either water based inks or asking about discharge inks for the softest hand feel known to mankind! If you are unsure about which ink to go with, we will help guide you in your selection. We do our best to match your arts color with our standard in house colors. If you are looking for an exact color match, please inquire about Pantone color matching.

Are you looking to get something else screen printed besides a shirt? How about having multiple color shirts printed in the same order? We can help you out! We print on many items and offer a wide array of colors to choice from. We have the ability to print on hoodies, tote bags, koozies, hats, button up shirts, polos, shorts, under garments, and much more.  Don’t forget, we also offer Promotional Products as well such as pens, banners, car magnets, and business cards!

If you would like to know more about the screen printing process and how it works, please visit our YouTube page for educational video tutorials, but of course, we would be more than happy to take care of all the details. After all, it’s what we do best! If you have any questions about our pricing, feel free to call us or drop us a line.  We will get back to you shortly and do our best to answer your questions promptly.


T shirt screen printing pricing houston texas

Additional Screen Printing Pricing Charge:

Pantone Match: $10/color
Water Based or Discharge Inks. Add 1 color onto your print pricing
Color Change: $10 (only available on orders above 48 qty)
Foil: Add $1/print-Specialty Inks (shimmer, glitter, puff, etc): $.50/print

Custom Tagging: 36 Piece Minimum Per Tag Content
36-47: $2.50/ea
48-99: $2.00/ea
100-199: $1/ea
200-499: $0.55/ea
500 and up: $0.45/ea

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